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Is there really a way to predictably increase your company's
time-line revenue growth and profits by 20% to 50%?

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What if you could

  • Trust your sales forecasts?
  • Reduce costs of sales and marketing?
  • Stop ending every month in a panic?
  • Outgrow your competitors even in difficult market conditions?

Meet The Revenue Game

We’re passionate about working with leaders who are committed to developing a revenue generation focus in their organization.  These leaders are tired of the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of ad hoc marketing efforts, recognize the high cost of sales, and are challenged by the organization’s inability to consistently execute. They’re frustrated at the high cost of generating revenue without knowing what results they’re getting from dollars spent, or they're not happy with the results.

Most importantly, these leaders will actually do something about these problems. They want to win “The Revenue Game” with proactive and profitable growth—regardless of market conditions.

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Proactive, profitable revenue growth. Is it possible?

Stage 5 GoalYes, it is! But first you need to align your organization around what we call "Stage 5 Revenue Standards."

Every company operates at one of these five steps. At the bottom, Stage 1, a company is really a group of individual contributors, each of whom is doing whatever he or she thinks is best. There is no common strategy, no metrics, and a lot of hope for silver bullets and heroism.

The goal is Stage 5

As companies move up the ladder, each step brings more control, more leverage, more predictability, greater efficiency, lower costs and greater profits. The goal: Stage 5, where companies are completely aligned with a clear strategy, structure and tools in place. Metrics rule. Results are predictable. Transitions are opportunities.

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The Revenue Game Offers Strategic Planning Services

Let The Revenue Game be your Chief Revenue Officer and lead you through the Revenue Generation Strategy + Execution process

The Revenue Game, a revenue consultancy that helps clients generate proactive and profitable revenue growth, has today launched a new Strategic Planning Service to help clients dominate their target niche, find the leverage to fuel growth, take advantage of the New Normal, and drive Stage 5 revenue generation success in their organizations.

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Given today’s difficult economic landscape, companies cannot afford to continue using dated, inefficient, and haphazard strategies to generate revenue for their products and services. More than ever before, CEOs, owners, and senior executives in companies of all sizes and in all industries need to take a serious look at their revenue strategies and eliminate the end-of-month desperation, the excessive spending, and the dangerous dependence on a handful of rainmakers to hit their numbers.

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